Bradstone Edale Paving

£230.00Including VAT

Approx £14.30 sq mtr including VAT

Cream or Grey
450 x 450 (packs of 76)



Bradstone Edale Paving is a low cost traditional paving. A gentle riven paving with smooth edges, this is an entry level decorative paving. The Edale comes in two neutral colours, cream and grey.

Colours may vary subtly, especially in weathered shades. Colours will appear different during varying weather conditions such as sunlight or rain. Where possible products should be selected from the same batch. Occasionally dark and light patches may occur on the surface of the paving. All decorative products will weather and change appearance over time.

450 x 450 x 32mm (sold in packs of 76 only)

Bradstone Brochure

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Grey 450×450 (pack of 76), Cream 450×450 (pack of 76)


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