Bradstone Aged Riven Paving

£3.92£267.50Including VAT

Approx £27.52 sq mtr including VAT




Dark Grey, Cotswold, York Brown
9.72m2 Patio Packs
300 x 450 (Dark Grey Only)



Bradstone Aged Riven Paving has a weathered riven profile and textured surface giving the paving traditional and timeworn appearance. It incorporates a smooth edge to lend the paving a sleek contemporary look.

Random style patio packs are available in all three shades; Dark Grey, Cotswold and York Brown but a uniform pattern is achievable using the single sized Dark Grey paver.


Patio Pack -9.72 sq mtrs (Contains 12 no. 600 x 450, 24 no. 450 x 450, 12 no. 450 x 300)


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Dark Grey, Cotswold, York Brown


300×450, Patio Pack


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