Easy Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser

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EASY Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser is a high-performance cleaner and Sanitiser for all types of artificial grass and plastic decking. A 1L concentrate bottle makes up to 25 litres of product, cleaning up to 140sq metres – meaning less packaging, less space and better performance.

Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser is a non-acid water based formula which will revive your artificial lawn leaving a fresh odour and is used by professionals, landscapers and gardeners alike.

Features and Benefits

A high-performance cleaner & sanitiser for all types of artificial grass & plastic decking.


  • High performance cleaner for all types of artificial grass and plastic decking
  • Powerful and effective cleaning with disinfectant
  • Revives & Sanitises Artificial Grass
  • Non-acid formula
  • Non caustic
  • Fast acting and safe to use
  • Fresh odour
  • Biodegradable
  • Water based


1 Litre – Brief usage instructions


  • Brush away leaves and debris before applying
  • Always test on a small hidden portion of the surface to be cleaned to check compatibility & performance before commencing on the whole area.
  • Do not apply if rain is expected within 4 hours
  • Keep children & pets/animals away until cleaning process is complete and surface is dry
  • Protect any surface or area not being treated
  • Avoid contact with plants, shrubs and grass.
  • Clean equipment immediately after use with clean water


  1. Apply using a garden spray or watering can at a coverage rate of 2 doses (200ml) for light contamination in 5 litres of water.

Dilute 4 – 5 doses for heavy contamination (400-500ml) in 5 litres of water.

  1. Allow to act for 10 minutes if lightly soiled or 30 minutes if heavily soiled.
  2. Agitate with a firm bristle brush and rinse down thoroughly with clean water.



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