ACO Hexdrain and Accessories

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Black Plastic or Galvanised Grating
Various Accessories

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ACO Hexdrains are a high quality, high strength domestic channel suitable for driveways, patios, paths, pedestrian areas. The channels are 1m long, 125mm wide and 80mm deep overall. Internal width is 95mm. They are easy to clip together or cut. A vertical outlet will plug into the underside of the channel creating an easy connection to a 110mm pipe.

A 15 Load Class Rating – Pedestrian, cycleways, minimally trafficked areas (light domestic vehicles only).

Channels are available with either a black plastic or a galvanised steel grating. Corner units are available with a black plastic grating and have a vertical outlet. End caps and sump units are also available.


1m Channel with Black Plastic Grating
1m Channel with Galvanised Grating
Corner Unit with Black Plastic Grating
End Cap
Accessory Bag (Contains; 2 x End Caps, 1 x Leafguard, 1 x Vertical Outlet)
Sump Unit

The ACO Sump Unit acts as a filter to prevent any dirt or debris that collects in the drainage system from entering the storm drains. The sump unit sits at the end of the drainage system and will require emptying every now and again to ensure that the drains function correctly. 

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1m Channel Black Plastic Lid, 1m Channel Galvanised Lid, End Cap, Accessory Bag, Corner Unit (Black Plastic Lid), Sump Unit


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