Gravel Boards

Gravel boards prevent fence panels coming into direct contact with damp or wet earth. This protects your fencing against moisture damage and rot and keeps them looking good for longer.

Gravel boards are easy to replace and finish the look of your fencing so there are no gaps underneath. It’s especially important to use gravel boards in damp or shady areas or if you have a flower bed in front of your fence.

Kebur’s gravel boards are excellent quality and value and come in a choice of wood and concrete. Why not include a hedgehog-friendly gravel board in your fencing to help our spiky friends find their way through?

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Please note our current lead time for concrete gravel boards can be 2-8 weeks+ depending on the item

We’re sorry, this is due to national shortages. Please be assured we’re doing all we can to re-stock. Why not consider timber or aluminium Durapost gravel boards instead?