Paving Planner May 2015

As we are creeping into summer, the daylight hours are getting longer and the temperature is beginning to rise. Now is the perfect time to get that patio finished.

In the recent weeks we’ve had a number of customers ask us what size slabs they should use, and the patterns that they can create. Bradstone’s website has a programme called ‘Paving Planner’ which we find useful to recommend to customers when looking at laying a new patio. It helps you choose, the type of slab you’re looking for, the sizes how many of each you need in total to fit with your specific area.

If you go onto then into ‘Guides and Advice’ you’ll see the first option called ‘Paving Planner’. Next you need to click on the box which says ‘Launch The Planner’ this should then open up to the correct area of the website for you to start designing.

Patio Design Guide

Bradstone Paving Planner

Firstly you’ll be asked to put in the measurement and shape of the area, there are some basic shapes you can follow and you are also able to drag the lines to fit your design.

Garden Design

Paving Planner Design

You can then go onto the next stage which involves picking you paving. All Bradstone products will be available on the paving planner; they are split into sections on contemporary, traditional and blocks. You can pick your slab and also what colour you would like (The colour may determine if you can buy it individually or in patio packs only).


It should then give you a floor plan of the slabs. Along the right hand column you can change the sizes that you are looking for.  Eg. Having two sizes of 600 x 600 and 600 x 300 instead of having a mixture of all sizes. From this you can get an idea of how well the slabs will fit into your area and then number of cuts that will be needed if any. Sometimes if you select certain sizes the programme will reject your plan as it doesn’t fit within your area, it will then tell you what you need to do, it may be that your area is too small or the sizes of slabs you have requested don’t fit.


Complete Paving Planner Design

Completed Paving Planner Design

If you have any difficulties we are happy to assist in store, our staffs are willing to calculate any quantities required.

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