Pallet Recycling

Kebur always has piles of pallets around the yard, as customers often ask if we want them back or what they can do with them. After browsing the internet and discovering a site we have picked our favourite ideas that we might try ourselves!

Tool Holder

             Tool Rack

Our first pick was this too rack, so simple but useful, the creator stained to wood and then glued on some old bathroom tiles to jazz it up. It then was nailed to the wall, its perfect for storing your long tools instead of tripping up on them every time you walk in.

BBQ Rack

                                    BBQ Rack

Our next idea is this simple BBQ rack using a single pallet. This has been made by staining the pallet and then painting onto the wood, you can have as many or little shelves as you want for sources or oils and then use small hooks to hang up your utensils.

Patio Seating

                                Patio Seating

Our final favourite is this patio seating. Getting furniture for your garden can be so expensive so this is a cheap almost free alternative. This is a very simple idea simply securing the pallet on top of the other and decorate how you please.

Let us know if you try any ideas and send us a picture!

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