October Update

Kebur has just set up its own Pinterest. Our page is full of different photos from gardens that our landscapers have completed themselves or others we have seen on the internet. We have one board full of photos called ‘Garden Inspiration’ the photos featured are gardens that we think look great or unique ideas that customers may like to try. Each photo has a link back to our website where you can find some of the materials. Another board we have is ‘Kebur and The Community’ these photos we have taken ourselves of our charity events and sponsors, you can pin these to your own boards or like them. Make sure you follow us on Pinterest if you’re looking for some new original ideas at https://uk.pinterest.com/keburgarden/

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards

Kebur has launched some new products. With natural stone in such high demand we wanted to expand our range. Kebur has started importing their own sandstone fossil mint steps. We offer bullnose steps which come in 600mm x 350mm in a riven finish and a sandblasted sandstone bullnose step which comes in 900mm x 350mm and has a matching corner piece which is 350mm x 350mm. Another product which has come in with the steps are our new sawn and riven sandstone setts, also in fossil mint these setts look great as edgings for your patio. The sawn sandstone setts come in 200 x 100 x 50 and 100 x 100 x 50. The riven setts come in 200 x 100 and vary in width. These items will soon be available on the website and are in stock from the 20/10/2015.



Sawn and Riven Sandstone Setts


Now its autumn there’s a few things we recommend you do to keep your garden tidy. With all the leaves falling they create piles on your patio and grass, before you know it you’ll be knee deep in them so we recommend you get yourself a broom and rake and clear them. If you don’t remove the leaves they can create a layer of moss underneath them. If you leave the moss on the slabs they could leave horrible marks which you won’t enjoy next summer. Leaves can also attract snails and slugs and no one wants that! Kebur supply a number of materials that can help with your autumn clear ups. We have JCB brooms with scraper so if you have left it a little too long you can get that moss off nice and easy. We also sell  metal rakes for the grass. As well as the tools we sell products such as ‘Patio Wizard’.  This is a type of moss, mould and algae treatment that kills all types of green growth without the need for pressure washing, this powerful treatment is totally non-hazardous and can be used over 300 sq. mtrs depending on the level of soiling!


Dilute with water at a maximum rate of 1 Part MOSS-AWAY to 9 Parts water, mix briefly before applying. Apply by watering can with a rose sprayer, garden sprayer, paint brush or sweeping brush depending upon area to be treated.

Whilst this product is designed to be safe to use on most ‘water safe’ surfaces we recommend that you test a small inconspicuous area if unsure.

Apply at an approximate rate of 1 litre per 3 to 6m². N.B: ensure any debris such as leaves, twigs, loose soil or weeds are removed from surfaces to be treated prior to application. After applying simply leave for 1 to 3 days and the green growth will slowly disappear (in a similar manner to the way weed killers work).

On heavily soiled surfaces a second application may be required.

Another item you may be looking for are tree poles or stakes. Now the weather is getting worse the winds will also be picking up. If you want to avoid having any of your trees or shrubs falling over in the garden you can use these pieces of timber to keep them upright and in place. All you need is some garden ties to attach the two together we recommend that you put the timber deep into the ground to prevent the pole coming out with the tree.


Machine Rounded Pole

Machine Rounded Poles


Lastly Kebur would love to hear from you, we have review pages on Facebook, Google and Yell so please leave us some feedback, thank you!

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