Making planters out of sleepers, simple and easy!

Sleepers have many different uses in the garden but one of the most popular is using them to create planters or retaining walls. You don’t need to get in a professional landscaper to do it, these simple and easy instructions are perfect for DIY!

Firstly, you need to mark out the area that you want to create into a planter. Once you have purchased our sleepers you need to decide what shape you want the planter then cut the sleepers down to the correct size  (Kebur do offer a sleeper cutting service however we don’t recommend cutting the reclaimed sleepers). Once these are cut you need to lay them out on the area into the shape that we want your planter to be. You need to butt them up end to side at the corners.

Lay the sleepers corner to end

Lay the sleepers corner to end

Then using a shovel make our the area into the grass on the outside perimeter of the sleepers.

Now that you have marked out the area you need to dig out a trench around the edge which the bottom sleepers will go in half of their depth. Arrange them so the butt end of one meets the side of the next in a clockwise fashion. Using a 4-foot level and framing square, level and square the four timbers, adding or removing gravel as necessary. 

Next you can place the next sleeper on top screw them together at the 90 degree corners, allowing at least 50mm (or 2″) of the screw to go into the adjoining sleeper. Kebur sell hardened steel, self drilling, timber framing screws. Black coated for extended corrosion resistance. These landscaping screws are an ideal way to join sleepers, joists etc without the need for pre-drilling. You can use corner brackets to secure the sleepers together and mending plates these can be purchased here on the website .

If you are using reclaimed sleepers we recommend that you line the planters so that none of the materials in the sleepers leach out into the plants because this may effect their growth.

Planter Made From Reclaimed Sleepers


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