Make your own bed to grow your own veg

Raised Beds

A local customer constructred these eye catching raised beds using the Grange Rounded Garden Sleepers and laid the paths in between using Bradstone Fossil Buff Natural Sandstone.

The rising cost of food, an increased awareness of what is going into our food and of our carbon footprint (food miles) and an active encouragement from celebrity chefs are all factors behind the growing trend of ‘grow your own’.

Now is the time of year that people are turning their attention to planning their crops and sewing seeds etc.  A great way to join the ‘grow your own’ revolution is to build your own raised vegetable beds and Kebur Garden Materials can supply all the materials you need to do this.

Raised Beds constructed from Reclaimed Railway Sleepers.

Raised Beds constructed from Reclaimed Railway Sleepers.


An attractive way to build raised beds is to use railway sleepers. This will give you a sturdy base that will last for years and the sleepers can be built up to make higher beds.  Kebur supply reclaimed sleepers, new oak sleepers, new softwood sleepers and rounded garden sleepers all of which are suitable.  Alternatively you can purchase timber gravel boards or decking boards or joists and join together using timber fixing spikes or posts. Kebur can also supply the Grange Fencing range of shallow raised beds that come in easy to handle flat packs that are simple to assemble.

To fill the beds Kebur supply a range of topsoils and compost.  The Norfolk Biodress, a mixture of high quality fertile Norfolk Loam and peat free compost is ideal for vegetable plots.

There are a number of advantages to growing your vegetables in raised beds:

  • Creating areas of fertile, well draining soil where that is not already the case.
  • Keeping plants organised.
  • You are able to fill beds with plant specific soil mixtures meaning more success.
  • Easy to access and manoeuvre around. As you don’t have to walk into the bed there is less mess from mud and also eradicates soil compaction from trampling which can reduce yields.
  • Can be built to be quite high so less bending is required, so ideal for those who suffer with bad backs.
  • Makes pest control easier.
  • They can be attractively incorporated in landscape designs separated with paving and trellis etc.
  • In raised beds the soil tends warm up easier than soil in the ground, which can allow for earlier planting.
Raised Beds

Kebur's very own Jon McCann shows off his potato crop growing in a raised bed he made from reclaimed sleepers.

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