London’s Garden Bridge

A few weeks ago Kebur tweeted asking peoples opinion on the new Garden Bridge in London.

The Garden Bridge is a new 366m-long footbridge that will stretch across the River Thames, from the top of Temple underground station on the Northbank to the South Bank. The bridge will hold an expansive garden. Footpaths will weave through the garden, creating a new pedestrian route which will be free and open to all between the hours of 6am–midnight. ‘

The Garden Bridge

                           The Garden Bridge

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There are many positives and negatives about London getting the new bridge, it will be a new tourist attraction in the city and will be the first of its kind, It also adds green space to the centre of London which can be seen as a concrete jungle, however the project is not cheap, some people believe that the money could be better spent improving park areas all over London, others are worried that it will block out views on the Rive Thames.

Our Twitter feed went a little crazy with peoples opinions mainly negative, but we’d love to know what you think or what should be included on the bridge to make it the perfect setting in the centre on London.

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