Keburs Contempo Porcelain Range

Its here! Over the last year Kebur have been carefully selecting the finest porcelain from Spain and Italy for our new Contempo Porcelain range. We have the items available to order in store and online.

Kebur Contempo Bourgogne Porcelain

Kebur Contempo Bourgogne Porcelain

The range features a number of different colours and styles including a wood effect paving and French Limestone replicas.


This 20mm thick porcelain stoneware tile is especially designed for outdoor use. Its high resistance to breaking load and stress, as well as its extraordinary slip-resistant features, make this an ideal tile for outdoor areas, both public and private.
Unlimited Durability:

  • Anti-icing and fireproof
  • High resistance to chemical and atmospehric agents
  • Not affected by moss or insects
  • Easy to maintain and clean. Does not absorb stains.
  • Fade & scratch resistant

Our porcelain is currently a stock item, our 2017 brochure will be available soon. For any further questions please contact us on 01252 517571 or email us

Kebur Contempo Smoke Porcelain

Kebur Contempo Smoke Porcelain




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