June 2015 Update

June 2015 Update

Lots has been going on at Kebur this month. Starting off with a new product, our Hardwood Sleepers. Just last week we got in our first load of New Treated Hardwood Sleepers they come in the size of 2.4m x 200 x 100. They are either Alder, Aspen or birch wood and have more consistent edgings and are less likely to split than the oak sleepers, all are pressure treated brown and cost £26.00 Inc. VAT.

New Hardwood Sleepers

Brand New Stock June 2015 Hardwood Sleepers

We often have customers coming in to see our driveway block paving. We now have a brand new Bradstone display showing the ranges that we offer, these include the Woburn Rumbled, Stone master, Woburn Original block paving and others, so please come down to have a look at the colours and ranges that Kebur offer.

Bradstone Driveway Display

Band New Bradstone Driveway Display

Our last new arrival is our brand new Nissan Cabstar! This month it will be painted Kebur orange and white to match the rest of the fleet then it will be on the roads to deliver. Our brand new tipper can take 1.4 tonne loads and is much smaller than our other vehicles which means it can fit up the more fiddly delivery spots.

Nissan Cabstar

Nissan Cabstar Tipper

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