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Black Limestone Trade Pack

Black Limestone Trade Pack (photo courtesy of CMA Garden Design)

As we move into a new year and the new landscaping season approaches us quickly, we are pleased to announce some exciting additions to our natural stone paving collection.

First let’s start with our popular Sandstone and Limestone Trade Pack Range.


Indian Sandstone and Limestone Trade Packs

Tumbled Sagar Black Sandstone

Tumbled Sagar Black Sandstone

When we first launched this product range five years ago, it was always with the view to offer a budget range of sandstone and limestone patio packs to give our trade customers more choice when it came to price.

We learnt a lot quickly and realised after visiting our suppliers in India that we could really offer a competitively priced product that did not compromise on quality. We looked at how our suppliers processed the stone and even changed suppliers that we felt did not come up to standard. This meant we had to pay more for the product, but it also have us peace of mind that we were getting value for money and could pass this on to our core customers.


The Kebur Trade Pack range quickly developed a reputation for quality that could be relied on. The range now consists of six different sandstones and five different limestone patio packs with many of the popular colours now available to buy in single slab sizes as well.

Kota Blue Limestone

Kota Blue Limestone

New to the range this month are:

Coming next week is also the Antique Yellow Limestone, which has a warm yellow/ grey appearance with a tumbled, honed and brushed surface giving it an aged appearance.

For those wanting to add that finishing touch to complement their Kebur Trade Pack paving, we’re delighted to also be expanding our range of products this season, including setts, walling and circles available in a selection of colours.

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Cliff Mosey, Business Partner

Kebur Garden Materials