Creative vision, clever design and skilled landscaping can really transform an outdoor space. Craig Deeley, our Contracts Manager, tells us how one such garden recently came to life.

This project started as an unloved awkward-shaped patch of grass and tarmac that was little used by the client.

The brief for Jo Rogers, of Mistletoe Garden design, was to create a space for entertaining that looked elegant and stylish all year round. Jo’s clever design was constructed using carefully chosen materials by our landscaping team. The resulting garden is a beautiful family space, and has been shortlisted by the Association of Professional Landscapers.

Tarmac garden before transformation

Creating structure

With Jo’s design agreed by the client, Kebur Landscape team began work by removing the tarmac and grass. They set about creating the raised block rendered beds to reveal the garden’s new structure. This layout meant more usable space and distinct zones in which to sit and relax.

Privacy and seclusion

Solid tongue and groove fence panels (made from sustainably sourced timber) gave the garden the sense of seclusion the client wanted.

The matching privacy trellis and gate gave a sense of harmony to the design.
Privacy trellis

Contemporary materials

Kebur Contempo Thunderstorm paving was chosen for its contemporary appeal, subtle interest and neutral colour pallette. To complement this, Sawn Granite Setts edge the porcelain paving to give a clean finish and varied texture.

Kebur Contempo Thunderstorm porcelain
With each new addition, the garden was transformed little by little. The new SAiGE Charcoal composite deck was next. Designing it on an angle gave it a greater sense of width.
Charcoal composite decking on the diagonal

Low maintenance design

The final stage involved rendering the raised beds in K Rend Polar White. This created a crisp edge in all seasons. Creative use of materials like this composite decking bench seat also adds interest to the garden and gives another vantage point for the client to enjoy their space.

Composite decking bench seat charcoal

Installing artificial grass added colour to the garden and suited the family’s needs for a low maintenance surface.

Artificial grass with planted border

Unique character

The ancient and impressive olive tree brought character and height to the garden. It took 3 men to plant it in the raised border.

The borders were filled with a mix of topsoil, compost, grit and sand. This mix gives the plants the free-draining environment they need to thrive.

Rendered planters and olive tree

Bespoke planting

The clients wanted a fairly low maintenance garden and planting that was easy to look after. They had a new interest in gardening, so the plants were selected to give all year colour and form. They would need a little pruning here and there for the family so they could learn more about plants and their care.

Each bed has an evergreen ‘backbone’ which gives the garden borders structure throughout the year when the perennial plants are dormant. A variety of plants were used such as Pittosporum tobira ‘Nanum’, Pittosporum ‘Golf Ball’ (a nod to the client’s sporting interest) and Laurus nobilis half standards. The combination of textures and colours makes a tapestry effect which the colourful plants grow through in the spring.

A splash of colour in the summer months is provided by Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’, Digitalis ‘Firebird’, Lupin ‘Noble Maiden’, various Echinacea, Liriope and Geranium ‘Rozanne’. These are underplanted with Heuchera ‘Obsidian’ which gives a wonderful understory of deep purple leaves.
Rendered planters and garden seating