Celebrating our forests on FSC Friday!

Celebrating our forests on FSC Friday!

To mark FSC® Friday, we thought we’d share this short video, which is a great reminder of how many products are timber-related and why we should think about protecting our forests. Choosing responsibly sourced timber is a small action we can all take to protect the future of our forests and the wildlife in them.

We at Kebur are proud to be offering all our Grange products – including fencing, trellis, gates and structures – as fully FSC® certified.

Next time you are looking for a timber-related product, from construction or landscaping timber, to paper or toys, remember to look for the FSC ® logo.



  1. I am still searching for a local supplier of untreated and FSC timber eg sleepers for a raised bed. Please advise if you do have such a product. Thank you.

    • Hi Hilary

      It can be hard to find FSC certified untreated sleepers. You may be interested in our FSC rounded garden sleepers, softwood sleepers which are from a sustainable source and our untreated oak sleepers, which are also from a strictly controlled private forest. Reclaimed sleepers, of course, by their nature can be a good sustainable choice.

      If you would find it helpful to talk through options or origins of our products do give us a ring and we’re always happy to give more information.


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