If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep your children entertained this summer, why not create a place for activity and adventure right in your own back garden? Who doesn’t love a sand pit? Using railway sleepers, you’ll have one built in no time.

Build a sandpit from railway sleepers

You will need:

Choose your spot

Make sure your sandpit it is positioned somewhere flat, away from hanging trees that could drop leaves in the sand, and that it is visible so your children can be supervised. If you want to build the sand pit directly on to decking, make sure that the area is strong enough to hold the structure and as well as sand and children.

Five simple steps

  1. Dig up any turf and flatten the area using a rake so that the sand pit can sit straight on the top of it.
  2. Measure and cut the railway sleepers to size using a circular saw, hand saw or chainsaw if you are confident enough and lay the pieces around the perimeters of the area you have prepared. Be careful and get help because the sleepers are heavy.
  3. Fix the sleepers together using Timber-fast landscaping screws. Depending on the size and depth of sandpit required, the railway sleepers can be placed on edge or laid flat in two layers, with staged joints in a brick bond pattern. Screw them together to ensure that the structure is firm enough for children to play inside without the sides moving. Sand the sleepers to make sure there are no rough edges.
  4. Fix the membrane by measuring, fitting within the frame and covering the sides. Hold the membrane in place with a staple gun.
  5. Add the play sand, buckets and spades and let the summer adventures begin!

Top tip

Keep sand fresh and clean by covering with a wooden cover or tarpaulin when not in use.