Metpost Post Supports

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50mm, 75mm or 100mm
Various fitting styles

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Metpost post supports are a simple, fast and strong way to put up your fence posts. The anchors have a red powder coated finish.

You may require a Driving Tool to drive the Metpost Repair Spur into the ground.

For 75mm and 100mm posts choose from either the Wedge-Grip or System 2 style.
The Wedge Grip holds each post in a vice like grip without the need for nails or screws.
The System 2 is perhaps a little more robust and suited for larger, heavier projects such as pergolas and decking. The System 2’s secure twin bolt mechanism allows even easier post installation and replacement.
For a 50mm posts the bolt down anchor is a plain box design.


50mm with 450mm spike for 50mm posts
75mm with 600mm spike for 75mm posts
100mm with 750mm spike for 100mm posts

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System 2, Wedge Grip, Plain Box


75mm x 600mm, 100mm x 750mm, 50mm x 450mm


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