ACO Hexdrain Brickslot

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ACO HexDrain Brickslot provides a discreet slot drainage system for domestic block paving installation and threshold drainage.

Manufactured from 100% recycled black polypropylene, the highly successful 1m ACO HexDrain channel has been combined with a new offset slot cover specifically designed for slab and block paving, to create ACO HexDrain Brickslot. The channels are 1m long, 125mm wide and 140mm deep overall, they simply slot together and are easy to cut if needs be. The offset slot enables drainage location adjacent to walls and door thresholds and the offset grating is ideal for use with up to 60mm block paving. The discreet 10mm inlet slot is tapered to prevent blockage and there are debris guard stops at the end of the channels to stop the ingress of sand/cement between units during installation. Suitable for building thresholds, driveways, garage thresholds and paths.

A 15 Load Class Rating – Pedestrian, cycleways, minimally trafficked areas (light domestic vehicles only).

Corner units are available with a black plastic grating and have a vertical outlet. End caps and sump units are also available.


1m Channel with Black Plastic Grating
Corner Unit with Black Plastic Grating
End Cap
Accessory Bag (Contains; 2 x End Caps, 1 x Leafguard, 1 x Vertical Outlet)

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Hexdrain Brickslot Channel, End Cap, Accessory Bag, Corner Unit (Black Plastic Lid)


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